Chronic Pain Rapid Access Clinics

Patients with chronic pain deserve a professional diagnosis, and rapid access to a treatment plan.

Chronic Pain Rapid Access Clinic

Our new Chronic Pain Rapid Access Clinic is designed to provide urgent on-site assessment to non-cancer patients suffering from chronic pain.

Pain Care Clinics dedicates 9 AM to 12 PM every Friday to our Rapid Access Clinic which is located at 245 Wyecroft Road – Unit 1 in Oakville, Ontario.

Who Is the Rapid Access Clinic For?

Our Chronic Pain Rapid Access clinic is for those patients with chronic non-cancer pain, who are unlikely to require hospitalization, but do require assessment within one week. Many of these patients may have had to contend with chronic pain for weeks, months or even years.

The goal is to provide coordinated care that prevents the need for emergency room visits. With exemplary assessment, pain will no longer be a barrier to daily functioning, productivity, and quality of life.

How does the Rapid Access Clinic work?

Be your own healthcare advocate and follow this three-step process.

1. Start your self-referral by filling out this form or calling us at: (289) 724 6113.
2. Patients will be contacted within 24 hours with an appointment date and time.
3. Your Initial assessment will take place at our Pain Care Clinic in Oakville. No physician referral is required. Future appointments can be booked at a PCC Pain Care Clinic nearest you.

* Please note opioid prescriptions for pain will not be provided. We do not prescribe medications upon initial consultations.

Services are OHIP Covered.