Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect first visit?
Your initial visit to our clinic will be a direct referral from your family physician. On the date of your appointment you’ll enter our state-of-the-art facilities and be welcomed by our friendly staff. Next, you will be asked by our front office reception to complete our questionnaire package. Please take the time to complete the package as we cannot proceed with the appointment without it.
What to bring?
For all our new patients, whom are first time visitors to our clinic, we require that you bring your fully completed questionnaire package, which was sent to you in the mail, by our clinics.


We suggest you wear comfortable, loose clothing that you can easily remove. For our Nerve Block patients, we suggest a driver accompany you on your visit. As nerve block treatment differs from patient to patient, some find they feel slightly dizzy afterwards. We suggest you schedule your appointment around a time where you will have access to a person other than yourself to drive you home.
How long will the stay be?
All new patients should expect their visit at the clinic to last between one to two hours.